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Email us to purchase a physical cassette at gripxphilly@gmail.com


released October 31, 2015

Alex-Guitars and Vocals
Pat-Drums and Vocals

Recorded at Midley Grange Studio
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Dylan Tasch

Artwork by Alex McGady

Sample Credits:
Shell-A Skin Too Few
Renewal-Star Trek: The Next Generation
Fawn-El Topo


all rights reserved



GRIP Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

GRIP is a heavy post-hardcore band from Philadelphia, PA that formed in 2014. The current line up is Alex on guitar, vocals, drum programming and art direction, and Dan on bass and drum programming.

Press: "harsh melodies, sheer abrasiveness and cross-genre twists delivered through the prism of tasteful metallic influences."- Idioteq

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Track Name: Wolves
Fucked the seer, consumed my concrete confections, forced facade, my prospective mythomane. Enforced collusion. I roam. Confide in tomes, with tooth and nail I infect. Volatile urges, fermenting potential, I reject the notion of tame. Existing as more than a lowly god, turmoil, future oil, I collect

Enthralled by your hollow eyes. Creaking, aching particles, erected and stationed. Retaliation laced with grizzly cries. Adamant, but transient, rank solidified. Corrosive. Blood ridden saliva spewed. Abrasions. Calloused palms tearing through the sediment

I abhor rejections of fate. Tormented structures. Fractured frames. Colliding conclusions. Suflurescent. Strained sustain. Bodily functions rejecting. Swandive to sludge. Paved dirt on an abstract plane

Enveloped in enchanting spectre, I howl till I’m sore. Mellify each jarring whisper for a false sense of comfort. Prosthetic wings melting, algolagnia fulfilled. Now garnished in a decadent debris. I’m camouflaged in steel and grime. Discarding notions of lost time. Broken. Beaten. Cards disguised

Crystallized pyre, destiny denied, I’ve tried all I could, I’ll suspend the catalyst. Vital Signs failing, bones and ligament are stripped, worn, imploding and ruined. Let my body rest in pieces, limbs strewn, calcium crushed, intestines blown. Maybe I’ll be remembered a saint, a demon in disguise, deemed victimized. Barter my bones, forage these fragments. Dressed in a poem, symbolic scavenge. My declaration of peace, Now leave me alone. Christened in dirt, Allow my aching tissue to rest. Tired and conclusive, live my life on replay. Bury me in waste, the filth alleviates. Carve out my grave, respect all the accomplishments that I’ve made. Rehearsing your prayers, commemorate the state of this place.
Track Name: Renewal
I’ll hide my head from you, the way you suffocate, falling inside. The same response i gave, now words that i can’t speak, and it’s worse than a headache.

i can’t hide you from the world, i hold my hands around my head. distract myself from how it hurts. response voided out again.

unbroken glances on me, it’s easier to crawl. out of the hole this life has made. in the place i rest i can’t breath.

the pain of being anything, the joy of letting my thoughts free, these anxious thoughts that once consume. i hope it feels like a renewal.
Track Name: Fawn
Confined to a prison of my own design
Patiently waiting as the sun returns to its sheath
As dawn breaks, the search begins
Escape from a destined carnage

Consumed by darkness, it lends its soul
Each primal desire is met with hope
The world of wooden limbs encircles it
Continuing forward, pacing, alarmed
Paranoia rushes in, warping all senses
Shattering footsteps, the trees collapse

A light appears beyond the void, blinded by the initial gaze. Each organic shape transitions into cleanly constructed walls. In a moment of reflection it turns and falls, all regulation denied. Past craft, destructed arms, bones collide, leg split in two

Blind exploration could only take it so far
It wandered aimlessly into the arms of a faceless captor
now being held to the terms of another
It struggles to resist then surrenders

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