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Early Iteration draws upon a mythic structure to deliver a multifaceted narrative addressing sacrifice, belief, and the evolution of an idea. The music acts as a violent vehicle, bleak and begrudging, running with the narrative, offering only occasional and misleading respite. It fires harsh and tangential melodies rapidly, rarely breaking sequence, dragging itself towards an inevitable, explosive end.


released April 8, 2019

Alex-Guitars,Vocals and Drum Programming
Dan-Bass and Drum Programming

Recorded between 2016 and 2019 in Philadelphia, PA and Chicago, IL
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Alex McGady and Eric Mayer

Artwork by Alex McGady


all rights reserved



GRIP Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

GRIP is a heavy post-hardcore band from Philadelphia, PA that formed in 2014. The current line up is Alex on guitar, vocals, drum programming and art direction, and Dan on bass and drum programming.

Press: "harsh melodies, sheer abrasiveness and cross-genre twists delivered through the prism of tasteful metallic influences."- Idioteq

Contact gripxphilly@gmail.com
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Track Name: Entrance

Molded of clay and silt
Stumbling on early, fragile limbs
Departed the eggshells above
Ground sands coated in a pale, weathering froth

Crawling unto boundless, bounded earth
Beneath the cover of harboring trees, the effigies lie
Seeking refuge of thunderous cries, torrential assault, disrupting plates
Confronted with hunger, lusting for life
Quivering at the sound of predatory commands
The howl of the primordial
Laying claim to all through beseeching devourment

They lay in leaf cover, bewildered and awed
Memorizing each carnivorous motion
Taught mud and lust, craving and conquering

Behind they realize a child left to scavenge the
Remnants of felled prey
A weak spot, a point of entry
They scoured along circular, entangled branches
Barraging the beast from above, tearing at the adolescent sinews
And tissues, constricted and pulsing

The fed frenzied, rejuvenated and sound
The elders realized mistake and returned to the consumed one
Frantic they sniffed the retributed flesh from its jaws
Crying, scathed, craving vengeance
The pygmies awakened escaped within the depths of impenetrable caves
Lurking, Waiting
Track Name: Pestilence

Cowering in their earthen husk
Feeding on fungus and disregarded remnants
Avoiding the vengeful, wolven spirits seeking judgement
Befalling to a greenish hue, purple the eyes, sullen and sunken
Soured tongues, forced felt visions demanding revision
Fevered, the sick seek solution
Few exit their cavernous realm

The remorseful absent, complacent through the sacrifice of estranged neighbors
The fallen kill as they’ve killed once before, reinvigorated and confident

First befell the immortal, then the pestilence
And all may fall before us

The healed return, bearing bountiful, healing flesh
Pulled from the garden, disguised and hidden
The sick rejoice, feeding and lusting, praising
The word of the healers, laying claim to the words of the obscured
The saved raise tributaries and icons
Achievement worshiped, All for the glory of rebirth
Track Name: Garden
Track Name: Conception

Multiplied, the healed want more, looking outwards and beyond
The healers tell of a projected vessel imbued with accomplish,
The proclaimed essence of the observer

The congregate, preach and seek
Begetting praise upon praise

The concrete accomplishment of health and stasis
Surely the observer bestowed challenge for the sake of redemption
First the beast, then illness, bested by the becoming
Ascending and becoming their fate, the destined favorite

Amidst the congregation of the commended
The woman, descendant of the first hunter, seeming lowly and haggard,
Holds within her womb a fortune, the object of desire
A bearing of divine prophecy, an announcement from the observer

The healers call to the healed demanding accommodation for the emerging
Calling for artifacts
Calling for monuments
Calling for shrines and dedication
A hope for further ascension
A being of divine knowledge
The seer of all
The sacred one, testament of the observer
Sign of divine right
Track Name: Pyrosome Configuration 1
Pyrosome: Configuration 1

The bequeathed born and aged to adulthood
A head to the healed
A being blessed and bound to success, bounty
The beauty of grace instilled, with power, intuition, knowing
A dream had of the path of ascension

The followers must conquer and take in its name
Demanding the formation of arms
And statues bearing the likeness of the likened
All craftsman called and sculptors united to complete the task
All but one comply
The defiant ones insists another path,
Maddened by the falseness of the elected one’s ambition

An example made, the sculptor thrown in the depths to toil,
Contemplate and dream of their wrongs

The drums of war roar, masking and echoing one’s howl of laments
Formations of those hungering for excellence bewitched by ascension
They spill out of the cave as if larva hatching from a carcass
Scouting and hunting
The uninitiated sought and found, they lay in their homes
Unaware and naive
The ascending scaled their alien walls, readying their sharpened spears screaming
Offensive and proceeding they lunge into clay homes unexpecting
Track Name: Pyrosome Configuration 2
Pyrosome: Configuration 2

The astray erupt from threatened homes
Roaring war horns of their own
Flooding their roads with weapons of grand achievement
Blood begins to make itself known
Confronting the contending
Rain cuts through the caked shells of blood and mud
Frenzied, flying, limbs astray
The offensive forced into turned backs
The walls halt them, forcing a frantic climb
Few escape, many skewered
The retaliators reverse the tide
Oozing from their main gate, calling forth the wrath and
Remembrance of the vengeful beasts
No lost rage for their kin
They tear and snap as the estranged now chase

The first of the fleeing return to their cave
The bequeathed mistakenly inciting rejoice,
Praising the swift victory of the blessed

They responding wailing, warning of the doom to come
Demanding descent of the precious and icons, salvage
The rush for their belongings treading downward in deafening silence
No screamed warnings, no scornful wailing, no offensive cries
The prophet tells of a vision imbued with hope
A lake hidden slightly below and a woman of divine ability submerged
Capable of recovery and permanence
For the observer spoke of the necessary purging of all but few
The few are those chosen
The chosen which shall prevail, ascended and eternal
Track Name: Lake (Lady of the Dancing Water)
Lake (Lady of the Dancing Water)

Grass in your hair stretched like a lion in the sun
Restlessly turned moistened your mouth with your tongue.
Pouring my wine in your eyes caged mine glowing
Touching your face my fingers strayed knowing.
I called you lady of the dancing water.

Blown autumn leaves shed to the fire where you laid me
Burn slow to ash just as my days now seem to be.
I feel you still always your eyes glowing
Remembered hours salt, earth and flowers flowing
Farewell my lady of the dancing water.
Track Name: Sunken Head
Sunken Head

The spirit commanded the digestion of concealed herbs
Allowing again the consumption of deep dwelling sustenance
Free of repeated pestilence and packed with regeneration
The saved emerge from the water to be confronted by
The echoes of war and retribution, wolves snarling, laughing tearfully

The remaining scurry down deeper tunnels
Upon deep descent where light dare not enter of its own accord, but
Forced by torch, a quieted corpse, the remnants of the rebellious sculptor
Beside him a form erected of damp, gathered clay
A head exquisite and unfamiliar
The sight drives the chosen one mad and uncertain
The maddened one attempts to destroy the head
And erase the final memory of the defiant one

The molded awakened
Speaking through its recent fractured
The one born of conviction warned the remaining ones
Of the tragic fate which is bound to the prophet’s preaching
He tells the desperate of the healing herbs which bear an
Unforeseen consequence

Thou seemed saved bear the curse of eternity,
Self-regeneration, internally evolving anew
But thou so soon to follow, so wanting to ascend beyond
The limits instilled by the observer
Are rendered barren, devoid of fertility and incapable of creation
And perpetuation
Track Name: Judgement

The prophet smashes the livened head
Shattering the informer into a cloud of fragments
Accompanying the devastation, a sudden strike
Deafening thunder explores every crevice of the cave and
The entrance blocked by the hailing boulders
The intruders halted
And the surviving imprisoned

The preaching scours for order telling the audience of the
Falseness of the head’s claims
Crying of the newest prophecy
An answer, a means of conjuring the observer
The remaining left with little option
Following still as if shackled
Lead ever further into abyssal depths

A lifetime of wandering, yet no age
Nothing but the prospect of ascension
All that remains visible in the darkness is reflection
A reminder of self and the actions of past
All for survival, so it seemed

A dense, pulsing resonance coerces a unified thought among the remaining
A thought so brilliant the depths exposed and the survivors shown
A voice escalates the brilliance to ignition
Profound and incinerating, realization seen

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